“Pesach Sameach” — Happy Passover!

It was almost immediately after we started dating. Sonja and I were enjoying one another’s company, and we wanted to meet up on Saturday night. The obstacle was that I had already accepted an invitation to attend my friends Gary and Cece’s Passover Seder that night. Sheepishly, I called Gary that morning, asking him if I could possibly bring a date on such short notice. He told me there was always room at a Seder table, and to bring anyone I like.


Thus, a Passover Seder became our third date. Since then, it has been an immensely important holiday to us, though of course not only for that reason. I’m sad to say that Cece passed away shortly after attending our wedding. Gary remains an important part of our lives, and a close family friend. In fact, he’ll be joining us for dinner this Tuesday.

Last night, Sonja, Titus, Zooey, and I met about eight of my students, my student teacher, her boyfriend, and one of my student’s father at Beth El Synagogue here in Omaha for what is sometimes referred to as “Second Seder” — a community Seder on the second night of Passover. Beth El, the Conservative synagogue here in Omaha, is where I take my students in my world religions class, and both the rabbi and the congregation there are fantastic. This is the second year I’ve taken students to Seder at Beth El, and it was terrific experience. It was also Zooey’s first Passover. I was glad to share the celebration with so many people I love.

Last year I wrote a piece on Passover and, of course, wine, for Food & Spirits magazine. I thought I’d share that this morning. See the link below. I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter holiday today!

Cheers to the holidays that bring us all together,




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