“Knee deep in the water somewhere.” The Week in Wine, March 11-18, 2018.

Right before I left, I got really into “Knee Deep” — a song by the Zach Brown Band that features Jimmy Buffet. I love Jimmy Buffet, and his love of beaches and relaxation is contagious. The song in a way became a mantra for me, a person who would have preferred to vacation in the Napa Valley, as I attempted to embrace the east coast. We got here, settled in, and started combing beaches, swimming, and soaking up sun. It wasn’t hard to like the place, and the idea of leaving became difficult.

In the song is the lyric “Wrote a note, said ‘be back in a minute,’ bought a boat and I sailed off in it, don’t think anybody’s gonna miss me anyway.” I love the lyric, and the idea it represents. I’m only thirty-six, but I’m willing to admit I work too hard. Maybe a boat would correct the issue. Fortunately for me, there are a lot of people who would miss me, three of whom are dependent upon my income, so there’s no chance this becomes a reality for me. That said,  it has been an absolutely incredible week of vacationing in Florida with the family, and I don’t suspect it will be difficult for me to talk them into returning to our beachside condominium in the future.

Our relaxing vacation was made even better by the presence of wine. Interestingly, in the presence of a beach and the absence of wifi, I neglected my work as well as my usual tradition of watching March Madness until it comes out my ears. Somehow, I didn’t miss either very much.  Below, I’m just going to feature some of the best ones briefly, as well as whatever other pictures from the trip seem important to the context. As always, thanks for reading!

 Sonja and I shared this wonderful wine while scouring the beach for shells. 

Sonja and I had a great time meeting Odedi and his lovely wife!

Our family excursion to the Kennedy Space Center was pretty amazing.

As you might suspect, the beach and sun rekindled our love for Provence.


We found a fun little winery in Orlando. 

The cuisine was never wanting, save for the styrofoam cup we drank wine out of last night. Hardly a hardship. 

Best of all was the seemingly unlimited amount of family time. What a blessing!

Our vacation made me want to take more vacations. I suppose that’s the idea. I’m already plotting our return to Florida, but for now, our home and lives in Nebraska await us, and that’s not such a bad thing, really. I hope you all have the chance to have a wonderful, relaxing vacation in the near future. Let me know if you need recommendations for wine!



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