“Emus, Sesame Street, and Gratitude.”

Yesterday afternoon, Zooey, who is cutting teeth, was the first to rise from her afternoon nap. As she and I and Sonja awaited the arising of her brother, we lay in bed and relaxed, and I took a rare “selfie” of the three of us. By the time Titus awoke, our plans to go to the Joslyn art museum were thwarted by its early Sunday closure, so we instead retired to the basement to watch an episode of Sesame Street.


As Sesame Street’s first episode wrapped, I went upstairs to cook dinner, leaving Sonja, Zooey, and Titus to watch another episode of our family’s favorite show. It’s kind of cool that it was my favorite show thirty plus years ago, and now my son still watches most of the same characters.

Upstairs, I boiled water and prep’d vegetables. One of the places that I watched Sesame Street as a kid was with my grandma, the television out at the ranch getting only one channel, but fortunately the right one. I made grandma’s macaroni and cheese last night, as best I’m able, though of course it never quite tastes the same. I will continue to try. When the simple meal was prepared, I called the family up to me.

Seated around the kitchen island, I asked Titus what he’s thankful for as the four of us held hands and bowed our heads. “Emus and Sesame Street,” he responded. Emus, because when my mother took him to the zoo, she didn’t think he could say “ostrich”. The kids says “chi-wo-practor,” but whatever.  I added mommy and sister to our prayer of thanks, and in turn mommy added Titus and I, and we all dug in.

I dug around in the fridge for a moment and grabbed a bottle of wine. I’ve reviewed the Alpha Omega Chardonnay already, a few blogs ago, so I won’t go into more tasting notes on the same wine (but you can read the post that contains them here if you’d like: https://itheewine.com/2018/01/22/snowdaydrinking-alpha-omega-chardonnay-2014/. What I will say about the wine, however, is that it has completely revitalized and inspired my interest in the varietal as a whole, a varietal I had, until recently, more or less lost interest in, and I’m certainly grateful for that.


After dinner, Zooey crawled around the room sucking and chewing on things to soothe her aching gums, while Chef Titus prepared us a meal of Melissa and Doug hamburgers, watermelon, sandwiches, and cheese. Sonja folded laundry and I lay back in the beanbag chair, once again reminded of how amazing my life is, basking in gratitude. I am so incredibly thankful for my family. And emus. And Sesame Street.


Cheers to what we’re thankful for,


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