“Raise ’em right.” Review: Locations Corse

“Ah-yah-yah-yah!” Zooey yelled from her high chair, scolding me for not bringing her more diced up pieces of cheese and chicken sausage.

“I want to smell it!” Titus proclaimed indignantly, looking first into my eyes, then at my glass of wine. He feels entirely entitled to this, our ritual whenever I have a glass of wine.

“Sure buddy,” I told him. I held it out for him to smell and we talked about the bouquet, or rather, I talked, he listened.


In the background, the microwave beeped, the sausages started to burn, and Zooey called out for more food: “Ah-yah-yah-yah-YAH!” It’s a rare night that Sonja isn’t around to help with the kids, yet on those rare nights, I’m certainly reminded of how badly she’s needed around here. Single parents need a national day of recognition. “Cool on it, daddy?” Titus yelled across the island, his vegetables apparently too warm. I walked around and blew on his vegetables with him, poured another handful of puffs for Zooey, and then took a sip of wine.

Master winemaker Dave Phinney’s “Corse” wine from the Locations collection is a force of nature. Corsica? Of course! (Of corse?) When people try this wine, they’re all but guaranteed to start seeking out more wines from the small Mediterranean island.  With a green-tinged golden hue, it has gentle aromatics that persist throughout. On the palate, staunch yet well-mannered minerality was the first thing I noticed, with medium to medium plus acidity and 12% ABV keeping it relaxed and easy-drinking from start to finish. Clean, soft, round, and smooth, stone fruits, floral notes, and traces of butterscotch toward the finish made this an interesting and enjoyable wine. What’s more, it paired marvelously with my hodgepodge of “bachelor fare,” the chicken sausages, microwaved vegetables, creamy dijon mustards, HP sauce, and random assortment of cheeses I broke out to feed my kids. Diverse and beautiful, I highly recommend this wine.


Cookie Monster may have had a bit too much.

After dinner, the three of us went downstairs. I put Zooey on the carpeted floor to work on crawling and — what the?! — she crawled! She’d never really done it before, not fully, but there it was, hand-knee-hand-knee-hand-knee, and suddenly, and yet again, I was reminded of the beauty and amazement of being a father. I told myself I wouldn’t tell Sonja, that I’d let her see it for herself, but of course I failed within five minutes of seeing her. Who could keep a secret like that?

While we waited for Sonja to return, Titus and I divided our attention between college hoops and Zooey crawling. At one point, I went to crawl with Zooey and, presumably jealous, Titus stuck his hand in my wine and started to lick his fingers. Sigh. I must be raising him right. That said, I sure was grateful when Sonja got home and we could go back to playing man-to-man.

Cheers to family and quality time,


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