“On all day.” Review: Pine & Brown Rutherford Cab Sauv 2014

Some nights, you just need a good glass of wine. Last night was one of those. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of the stuff around here, but when that’s the case, you need a really good glass to hit the spot. I had a long day; normally I’m supported by another teacher, but I was solo. I had no plan period. So in essence, I taught for 360 consecutive minutes.

I think there’s some misunderstanding about teaching. I’d understand if you read that and thought “Huh, you worked for 360 minutes in a row? Poor baby.” But teaching is different. It’s a lot like politics, and I have a lot more respect for politicians since I realized this. When I pull these all-dayers, I have to be “on” all day. You’re under a microscope, you’re being watched by 30 people at a time. Everything you say is heard. Every look you give. A lack of preparedness or attentiveness or even the ability to articulate a thought can derail the whole operation. I once had a colleague who was recorded by his students. In the wrong circumstances, those things can go on YouTube and go viral. I’ll go to prison for murder if that ever happens to me. There’s a lot of stress involved at times, rewarding though this job is. At the end of a day like this past one, like I said, I needed a really good glass of wine. Fortunately, I had one already queued up.

The night before, I was drinking Howell Mountain Cab, so to transition tonight to a wine that’s just as good yet distinctly Rutherford is a fascinating juxtaposition. Ever so slightly more bright fruit, yet still imposing in every way, the Rutherford dust makes for a somewhat leathery combination of flavor and mouthfeel, while deep purple fruits and hints of vanilla do what they can to expand the horizons of the palate. The long, lingering finish is incredible, and made for an awesome experience pairing this wine with cheese and light charcuterie.

It was a long day, but a good one, made better at the end by the presence of excellent wine and the company of my kids and wife. I highly recommend this Cabernet, and I don’t not recommend teaching, being “on” for long stretches. It helps you realize what you’re capable of. Hell, maybe I’ll run for mayor. “WineWriter’18”!



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