“Something old.” The Week in Wine, September 25 – October 1, 2017

As wine goes, this was a pretty amazing week. As life goes, it was even better. Zooey smiles at me every time she sees me, and nothing could make me happier. Titus wants to read “Rax!” (The Lorax) nightly, a request to which I am always overjoyed to acquiesce. Sonja and I have been doing a fairly good job of keeping the house clean, taking walks, and “hunting the good stuff” together. Life is good.

As for that wine I mentioned earlier, I had a few pretty good tastes throughout the week, but they pale in comparison to our “library club” that got together yesterday afternoon. Below, you’ll see the wines we tasted. If you want my specific notes on each, check me out on Vivino this week, or comment on this post and let me know what you are wondering.


What was really special about these wines yesterday was the company I shared them with.  Erin, Mo, Zach, Ryan, and Matthew were all over, and together we laughed as I mangled old corks, shared stories, and raised glass after glass of old and interesting wine in celebration of life. It was simply a special time for me, it always is, and I value these people a great deal. Wine brings us together.


I also got to try this wine last week. Always a fan of Marietta, the 2014 Christo is rich, full-bodied, and driven by deep purple fruits. I recommend giving it a try.


This Champagne, too, was interesting, largely for its rather diminutive price tag. In the $30 range, it’s tough to find Champagne. I thought this one was a solid QPR.


Lastly, I took Sonja, Titus, and Zooey out to eat at The Winery for lunch Saturday. This wine was being tasted that day, and it reminded me of Sonja and my vacation to Florida when she was pregnant with Titus. Crisp yet soft with mineral notes, I find this wine to be consistent, and I enjoy the memories it brings to my mind.

It was a good week in wine. It almost always is. We’ll see with my schedule this week if I have enough to write about by the end of the week. I can hope. Now if you’ll excuse me, my Chiefs are losing on MNF, so I need to get my yell on.



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