“Less is more.” The Week in Wine, 7-13 August, 2017

Having tried only (TEN) wines in a week is a rare thing for me, but as school gears up the time I’d normally spend writing reviews is increasingly spent writing syllabi and lesson plans. Such is the life of a teacher, and I cannot complain, for I love what I do. That said, I also love good wine, and I’m excited about a few of the ones I tried this week. And so, without  further adieu, I give you the week in wine.


After a week of building a massive shelf in my wine cellar, I needed most of my neighbors to come over and help me heave it into place. After we got it up, and two barrels rolled down into my cellar to create a table, I thanked them by opening an amazing bottle of wine. Decades 5 is a 100% varietal, single-vineyard Petit Verdot from Jean Hoefliger and the JH collection. The best PV I’ve ever tried, it may also be one of the best wines I’ve had all year. I can’t recommend it enough. Go find some.


I am honored to have been asked to help with Vin Nebraska, a terrific charity in Omaha that benefits Partnership for Kids. At the first meeting I attended, a wine from one of our partner wineries was shared. I’ve always liked Airfield; you can’t beat their QPR. This is a big Syrah, very smooth, and a nice daily drinker. You can learn more about Vin Nebraska here: http://vinnebraska.com


Another JH Collection wine, this Zin blew me away. So bright the red fruits pop in your mouth, and not at all “hot” the way so many make their Zin these days. Beautiful spices, and really a mellow wine, I sipped at this and paired it with different things for three days on end, eventually concluding that its a terrific food wine (but also stands alone nicely if you just need a glass at the end of the day). Great stuff.


My new favorite French wines are all coming from La Clape in the Languedoc, and specifically from Chateau d’Angles, where form Lafite Rothschild winemaker Eric Fabre is producing some ridiculously good juice. This blend is fresh and aromatic with a nice balance of minerals and white fruits. I highly recommend Chateau d’Angles for their value and quality.


I couldn’t decide if this was oaky chocolate or chocolatey oak, but regardless, add cherry and you get a sense of this wine. Exceedingly smooth and easy to drink, I shared this with my wife, a former student, and her boyfriend as we chatted the night away. It was a terrific time, enhanced by the presence of a nice glass of wine.

Another week in the books. I’m sure I’ll pair something with dinner tonight, and possibly something else with Game of Thrones, but those will just have to go in next weeks edition, I suppose. Until then, have a wonderful rest of your weekend, and if possible, a nice glass of wine.




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