Last Call!

I just wanted to be sure to remind everyone, especially my friends in the Omaha area, that tomorrow from 1-5 we’ll be tasting through a flight of truly amazing Napa Cabernets at Corkscrew in Blackstone. The wines are from Varozza, one of my favorite producers of big, bold Napa Cabs, and there will be free food as well as discounts on any further drinks you might like to purchase as well. Best of all, there will be a bunch of other wonderful people like you there to meet and hang out with!

The idea was born from the Vivino meet ups I see happening in other places all around the world, from Vancouver to Singapore, so if you’re a part of the global Vivino community, great! — come join us and scan these impressive wines into your collection. If you’re not a Vivino user, however, its no problem at all. I’ll be happy to show you how the free app works if you’d like, or you can simply enjoy the food and wine and not worry about Vivino just yet. It’s entirely up to you.

One last thing: if you sign up today at the Corkscrew web page, you’ll get a discount versus paying at the door tomorrow. So please, join us for our first “VivinOmaha” event at Corkscrew in Blackstone tomorrow from 1-5. I hope to see you there!



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