“Summer Nights.” Review: Silverado Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc 2016

As a teacher, I often hear about how little work we do in the summer. Usually, I don’t commit homicide as a response. It’s true, I suppose, that work is different for teachers in the summer, but its no less real and certainly no less taxing. We teach and we attend conferences. We read books and plan lessons. We write, we coach, prepare. Most of all, we recharge; the opportunity to spend days on end peeing when you’d like to, rather than when a bell signals your Pavlovian-conditioned bladder to react, is necessary in order for us to feel as if we remain part of the species.

An important part of recharging, for me, is the front porch. In the heat of summer, I love to sit outside as the sun sinks in the west and watch the kids riding their bikes home from the pool, the neighbors working in their yards, and folk out walking their dogs. Relaxing is something we teachers do painfully little of during the school year, which makes fitting it in almost nightly an integral part of preparing for yet another school year. A few nights ago, after we got the kids put to bed, Sonja and I took this bottle, from a winery we visited earlier this year, out onto the front porch with us.

One of the things I really appreciate about Silverado Vineyards is that all of their fruit is estate grown. The grapes from whence this juice hails came from the Miller Ranch, one of the many vineyard properties at Silverado that master winemaker Jon Emmerich has to draw from. The combination of well-raised estate fruit and a really excellent winemaker result in wines that are, in my opinion, uncommonly good.  While I remain a big fan of their Cabs and Merlot, this Sauv Blanc is an attention getter, with a desirable combination of roundness and crispness, the marriage of minerals and citrus, tropical fruits and acid making it a perfect pairing for a humid Nebraska night in July. I’ve had a lot of Sauv Blanc this summer, and this is without question one of the best.

It’s 10:27AM, and after I lifted weights this morning, I coached Cross Country. Now I’m at home working on an academic article for publication (ok, actually I’m writing a blog post, but this is a brain-break) and soon I’ll begin grading work from my summer class. But I’m doing it with a cup of coffee at my side, my daughter contentedly sucking away at her “wubanub” in the other room, and the freedom to get up and go to the bathroom whenever I please… at least for the next few weeks.



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