Quickie: Coppola Vendetta 2013

The wine: 2013 Coppola Vendetta 2013.

The backstory: I bought this in a liquor store in North Platte, Nebraska. (God forgive me.)

The specs: Cali blend of two reds, mostly Cab Sauv with a bit under 40% Malbec.

The pairing: Leftover Mexican casserole and broccoli & onions on the stovetop.

The verdict: Not bad. Tough to say its worth the $20+, but it drank well, decanted for half an hour or so, with a nice layer of tannins and adequate balance from acidity. Fruity, with ripe red and purple fruits dominating. A simple wine. Don’t turn a free glass (or bottle) of this down.



PS: Dig this new “quickie” format? Let me know. Think its stupid? Let me know (politely). Suggestions? Let me know. Thanks for your feedback!


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