“A Thing of Beauty.” Review: Schramsberg Blanc de Noirs 2013

Rarely if ever do I mention people outside of my immediate family by name in this blog, primarily for the sake of the privacy of my friends, and I’m not about to change that today. That said, two people who are very dear to Sonja and I recently became three, under the most difficult of circumstances, and I’d like to reflect upon that a bit.

Our friends are a gay couple, married for several years now, and they recently adopted a little girl. We couldn’t be happier for, well, for the world. Watching them go through the adoption process, with all of the uncertainty that inherently lies therein being compounded by bizarre state laws and antiquated worldviews, their perseverance was impressive to say the least. They worked hard to eventually become parents, endured far greater trials than I think most of us could imagine, and finally found themselves three states away, loading up their car and bringing home a perfect little girl.

Sonja and I are overjoyed for them that they can have this love in their life, and elated for the little girl, that she will grow up having such incredible parents. We’re also pleased for society, that love can be defined so purely and without prejudice, even under the law, and we’re also excited for ourselves, that our own little girl will grow up with a friend to love and play with so close by. And yet, for reasons we all know about even if we don’t fully understand them, this couldn’t have happened not that long ago. The fact that it can today is a thing of beauty.

Yesterday, we had this couple and their gorgeous new daughter over to celebrate their wonderful new arrival, and as is my custom, the celebration required the popping of a cork. This wine was one of the few in my cellar I thought was worthy of such a celebration. From a storied producer, one of my personal favorites, comes and elegant, complex, gem of a vintage sparkler. 85% Pinot Noir and 15% Chardonnay, it’s 100% impressive. Bountiful notes of bread and other baked products, caramel, and gentle fruits abound in a wine that is as flavorful and diverse as any I’ve tried. Fully dry (brut), there’s a richness to this wine that is unmistakable, and endless tiny bubbles mill about excitedly in every glass. Hugh Davies, who along with Sean Thompson serves as winemaker at Schramsberg, really does a masterful job with all of his wines, and I come back to them over and over, making them a part of my most important celebrations and recommending them to anyone who will listen.

It’s one thing to celebrate with sparkling wine. It’s another thing entirely to celebrate the progress of an entire society with a world-class sparkling wine. We did the latter, rarer thing this past Memorial Day, and it was indeed a special time. I hope that our society continues to evolve, always for the better, always towards love and human equality, and that as we do all people may be so fortunate as to raise a glass of Schramsberg Blanc de Noirs in a toast of mutual respect for one another.



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