“Big day.” Review: Parducci Small Lot Pinot Noir 2014

It wasn’t even 8am this morning, and I was out walking the dog with my mother and a cup of coffee in my hand. “Gonna rain,” one of my neighbors said casually, himself walking a much larger, much calmer dog than mine. I considered the sky, in places blue, in others graying, dark and ominous. I finished walking the dog, let her off leash, and immediately pulled the mower out of the shed. I mowed the lawn, then trimmed and used the blower. I looked up. The sky was still dark, darker still in fact, but not yet shedding tears upon the earth. Knowing the rain would soon come, I loaded up the fertilizer and took a few passes over my battered but improving lawn. By the time I finished, thunder and rain were pushing me inside towards another cup of coffee and my family.

The rest of the day went about like that. Some work in the wine cellar with my dad, a trip to Lowes. Out for lunch, hit up a few tastings, did some networking, met up with a friend. Did some grocery shopping. Back at home, the rain had stopped. My dad and I were out front and I decided today would be a good time to fell the mighty limb that hangs over the sidewalk and makes it hard to mow or walk by. Three hours later, I’d felled two limbs, borrowed a chainsaw, cut myself, weeded, and  we had bagged ten bags of felled limb. Being domesticated is hard.

I got done lugging lawn bags up the berm and went out to start a fire. I picked up some beautiful bacon-wrapped turkey tenderloins and sweet corn while I was out, and was ready to relax by the heat of the grill. A cold Strongbow in my hand, I prepared dinner for the family, and was quite thankful for all that had come my way. Then the UPS man walked up with a case of wine from Parducci. Perfect, I thought to myself. Taking the box inside, I instructed my dad to dig until he found a Pinot Noir. It wasn’t hard, he later reported.

The 2014 Parducci Small Lot Pinot Noir is a working man’s wine. It’s robust and maybe even indelicate, as Pinot goes, but I mean that in a good way. Very good. It paired beautifully with grill fare, especially the bacon-wrapped turkey filet. It walks a delicate line between being true to the varietal and being married to the rugged terroir of Mendocino County. I felt like it got both of those things right. It’s distinctly Pinot, distinctly Californian, and very reasonably priced. Seek this wine out; I highly recommend it.

As dinner wrapped up, my son began attempting to wear his bowl, saying “hat!” — and we knew that it was time for bed. I read him a few stories and put him in his Zippity-Zip while my parents did the dishes. Afterwards, I continued sipping at this beautiful wine, reflected on a productive day spent with family, and sat down to write this post. I hope you’re blessed with productive days, with wonderful family, and with beautiful wine as well.




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