“The Week in Wine.” 15-21 May, 2017

I use the Vivino app, as most readers know, with a religious fervor. It helps me track what a taste as well as what I think of it. It informs my purchasing decisions, introduces me to new wines, and connects me with people I enjoy based on a common theme.  “The Week in Wine” is a new installment on ITheeWine where I will attempt to chronicle for readers the most noteworthy of the wines that I experienced over the course of a seven day period. As much for me as it is for you, I hope you enjoy this brief summation.

15 to 21 May, 2017

This week, I tasted a modest 23 wines (though I’m likely to sample a few more later today). Believe it or not, that’s a fairly slow week for me these days, as between industry events, sample submissions, social gatherings, etc. I think I typically average closer to forty or fifty. Part of the reason for the lull was that after a ten mile run yesterday during which time my wife watched both children, I stayed home with the family rather than attending my usual Saturday afternoon tastings. I also skipped a Round Pond tasting on Wednesday night because Sonja didn’t feel well. She and I have visited Round Pond and loved it, so that was disappointing, but as ever I must remember that wine, though beautiful and life-giving, must never take priority over my family.  All that aside, this week, I tasted a nice array of wines. The following constitute the most noteworthy, in my opinion.


The first really cool wine I had this week was this Furmint from Hungary. This is something I see rated a lot, yet had never tried myself. It was available by the glass at Corkscrew. A dry take on something that is more often done off-sweet from my understanding, this was a really solid value and offered me the joy of discovery. Nice wine.


The next wine I tried this week that I really enjoyed was a sample submission from Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars. I wanted to be sure to taste it now, as tomorrow I’m helping teach a class on the Judgment of Paris, which this winery won (as the label points out, bottom right. I have to say, this one impressed the hell out of me. It’s amazingly balanced and drinks beautifully in spite of its youth. That said, I think you’d be smart to cellar it if you’ve got a bottle… and the patience. Killer Napa Cab. Loved it.


Another wine I had this week that was a stunner was from Tom Meadowcroft, one of the Sonoma winemakers I have a serious crush on. Wines like this are largely why. A gorgeous Sauv Blanc that exemplifies modesty and subtlety in all the right places, this is but one of so many of Tom’s wines that I’ve been impressed by lately. If you’re not already  familiar with Meadowcroft, look them up. They have a wine club that offers $5 shipping and the wines are of the highest quality. You’ll see more of Tom’s wine in these weekly installments, I assure you. (Sample)


Another great wine this week also hails from Sonoma. Sonja and I visited Schug in January and chose this wine to bring home. On Friday night, I paired it with beautiful filets that Sonja purchased. Balanced, almost effeminate, it’s a quintessential Sonoma Cab, more Sonja’s style than mine, but undeniably enjoyable.


The last great wine of the week was a 2016 Pride Viognier, which was sent to me to taste prior to its inclusion in a flight I’m curating at a local wine bar. Winemaker Sally Hunt might be best known for her infamous Merlot and 100-point Cabernets, but this Viognier does something most wines cannot, and speaks to her skill and diversity as a winemaker. Flavorful and expressive, complex and resolute, you can find my more in-depth notes on Vivino, or simply take my word for it that you need to try this wine for yourself. It will be available at Nosh in the flight I’m curating this summer, if you’re that patient.

So there you have it. The best of an admittedly slow week in terms of numbers, yet a week that had some truly noteworthy wines nevertheless. The five above were my favorites, and I think that all of them are worth buying, trying, and enjoying with your friends. I welcome your questions, your feedback and your remarks in the comments section. Thanks for reading, and here’s to another week of fantastic wines to come!




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