“It was a dark and stormy night.” Review: Haywood Estate Zinfandel 2011

Our dear friend, Anna, who had been the maid of honor in our wedding, stopped by tonight with dinner. Her son, Elijah, talked to Titus for a bit, impressively used the bathroom on his own, and they were gone. Sonja, Titus and I ate the dinner Anna had prepared and I grabbed a bottle of wine from the cellar that I hoped would pair with the chicken fried rice we were enjoying.

I took Titus upstairs briefly after our meal, hoping to read to him in his playroom, but the tornado sirens started to sound, making the third floor of our house on a hill a foolish choice. Quickly I scooped up Titus, his zippy, his cup, and the wine, and joined my wife and our infant daughter Zooey in the basement, where I relinquished control of the remote, and NBA Countdown changed over to The Big Bang Theory.

I’ve always liked Naked Wines as a crowd-funded model for making wine. The concept, I think, is pretty cool. This Zinfandel, one of the older vintages I’ve seen from their portfolio, impressed me. It boasts a gorgeous dark purple color and an elegant nose of lush purple fruits and baking spice.  On the palate comes wave after wave of purple and black fruits, cinnamon and other such spices, tobacco, leather, and more. Long and dry on the finish, this wine strikes me as a solid QPR. I love a good Zinfandel from Sonoma.

All night long, friends in the neighborhood texted to see if we had power, and for most of it we did. Others nearby, we heard, didn’t fare as well. Finally, the worst of the storm seemed to be over, and I put my son to bed while Sonja did the same for our daughter, me making the conscious decision not to go inspect my six-month-old car for hail damage. That can wait for the morning. Tonight, I have more wine to drink.



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