Ladoga Ridge Winery Review


There are seven towns in the world named “Ladoga,” two in Russia and five in the United States. The two in Russia are located in Leningrad Oblast, and the five in the states being located in California, Indiana, Michigan, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. Ladoga is also the name of two lakes, the first being the largest lake in Europe, and the second a methane lake on Saturn’s moon, Titan. In this case, Ladoga is also the name of a series of deep, dense soils that drain well and are good for supporting various forms of flora, for example, grapevines… [read more]*

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3 responses to “Ladoga Ridge Winery Review

  1. Thanks for visiting us on your travels throughout the Midwest. We look forward to discussing wines and the wine industry in general with you with glasses in hand. Cheers!


    • I would like to add that even though you were very gracious with the rating towards our winery, I noticed after scanning many of your reviews that you gave high reviews of wineries that had no vineyard present on site. A flaw in my opinion, when we all know that good grape wine in made in the vineyard. Giving tribute to who maintains the vineyard should show some importance in the review process. Also, you only review grape wines. Many other very good wines are made from other sources than grapes. You make mention of these “other” wines but don’t rate them. You do some good background work on the wineries reviewed but I’m going to give you only 4 stars in the rating business imho. Look forward to meeting you someday.


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