“A healthy pour.” Review: Nieport Tawny N.V.


Seriously, just look at that pour! I’d estimate it to be 7 ounces of the Nieport Tawny that I ordered to accompany a flour-less chocolate cake, but it could easily be 8 or even 10. We were at the country club again, using up our food minimum. I knew that they poured pretty healthy glasses here, and I knew I hadn’t seen port on the by-the-glass menu before, but I didn’t see this coming. In the background, my son laughs at the fact that daddy is about to drink a fifth of porto, while somewhere far away the bar manager gets a weird spasm behind his eye. He forgot to do something. Forgot to tell the new bartender something. What was it again? Oh well. Surely it will wait for morning.

Regardless of how much of it you’re drinking, the low-cost Nieport Tawny is a nice dessert wine. A bit more ruby than I like my tawny, it’s bursting with fruit, but does have some subtle nutty characteristics to it as well. 19.5% ABV and under $20 a bottle, this is a great everyday offering for those who like to have a little (or a lot of) fortified wine after dinner.

The flour-less chocolate cake was long gone and Titus was starting to fuss, so I didn’t get to finish my mammoth glass of port, but damn it, I tried. As I signed the bill, I giggled slightly. “$5.61 — House Red.”  A solid value and a fun memory, I recommend this one.





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