Robledo Port N.V. – 92 Pts.


My father is someone who really enjoys fortified, or port-style, wines, and Robledo’s has always been a favorite of mine. As previously mentioned, Sonja and I visited Robledo on our honeymoon, so any chance we have to share a great wine from there we seize. This past week was spent at our family ranch in the Sandhills. It’s 2,000 acres that were settled by my grandfather over a hundred years ago, in a house he built with his own two hands and that my mother and father have worked hard to maintain in the past fifteen years or so since my grandmother passed away. As a small way of saying thank you for all that my parents have done and continue to do, I made sure to put this bottle  of port in with the rest of our belongings while packing for the week. We enjoyed it together a few nights ago.

A rich, dark nose, smoky with notes of leather and dark chocolate, Robledo’s port comes in slightly hot at 19%, with a subtle persistence of alcohol on the palate that laces itself in behind a complex flavor profile of black fruits, coffee, cocoa, more leather, and walnuts on a dense, full body. Complex, well-structured, and sophisticated, I can attest that it ages very nicely over time; this is killer port.

At around $45 for a .375 bottle, this wine received 4 out of 5 points for value, giving it 92 points on my scale. I recommend it.


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