Happy Father’s Day!


Being a dad is terrific, and I suspect that on Father’s Day in particular I may be preaching to the choir on this point. I woke this morning to my son, crying, having filled his diaper, and in spite of being exhausted from the night before getting up to change him was in all reality a treat. He smiled at me (I’d probably grin at anyone who had to clean my balls, too) and cooed as I got him ready for his day. I fell back asleep and awoke to the fire alarm, followed shortly thereafter by my wife arriving in the bedroom with a tray full of waffles, bacon, blackberries, coffee, and Prosecco — my preferred weekend brunch options. FullSizeRender-39

Being a dad can be hard. Last night, a dear friend volunteered to watch our son so we could go to dinner and a concert. The concert, produced by our neighbor, was amazing, and paid special tribute to the victims in Orlando which made me tear up in a rare display of emotion.  After the concert it was still light out, a fact which helped me make the case to Sonja that we needed to go get another cocktail. (I believe she had three more cocktails.) This used to be a typical Thursday night for us, but now its more like a special Saturday. That’s okay. What we’ve lost in social exposure we’ve more than made up for in the love that little Titus provides to us everyday. Last week, he turned forty weeks old, which is a little over nine months for those who aren’t parents or mathematicians.


If you’re a regular reader, you may well be getting tired of hearing me beat this drum, but it’s not about to stop. Wine pairs best with life; wine is rarely the focus, and far better as the compliment to the experiences being had. Today, time with my son and my wife’s thoughtful gesture of bringing me breakfast in bed was a terrific experience, my first Father’s Day. The Prosecco was a perfect compliment to bacon and coffee, but even more so a compliment to a relaxing morning spent in celebration of our son and, I suppose, of me as his dad. So to all of our readers, and to all of our friends, and to all of the dads out there, Happy Father’s Day!


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