Domaine Montbourgeau Brut Cremant N.V. – 89 Pts.


I’ve become a bit forgetful lately, though I refuse to believe it could have anything to do with wine. Toward the end of May, I forgot to bring food for two different pot-lucks. These aren’t earth-shattering errors on my part, but they’re unfortunate and embarrassing. I had hoped that the past few weeks of relative relaxation may have helped to cure my short-term memory loss, but then Saturday night happened. I got in from a six-mile run in 90+ degrees and filled a glass with ice water. As I stood there in the kitchen, dripping sweat, I glanced at the clock, and something about the time, 7:52pm, triggered my memory.

“Shit!” I exclaimed.

“What?” my wife asked, having wandered into the kitchen.

“Where are we supposed to be?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” she replied patiently. “Where?”

“Erin’s birthday party!”

Erin is a good friend of ours, and she spends approximately 364 days each year planning her birthday parties. They’re elaborate. This one was themed in the 1930’s, and she had spent a week preparing food. It had begun at 7.  The parties are a great time, but it’s equally important to show up to them to support her efforts. As I stood there dripping sweat, my wife in pajamas and my son in bed, I knew there was no way to recover from this gracefully. I sent an apologetic text to Erin, and resigned myself to being deservedly shamed as a horrible friend for the next 365 days.

That was Saturday. Sunday nights we host a themed wine tasting that many friends attend, including Erin. I texted Zach, another regular at our wine nights, yesterday afternoon and asked if he’d bring a nice sparkling wine to toast Erin for her birthday.  He graciously obliged with this Cremant from Jura.

The Domaine Montbourgeau Brut Cremant is something of an intense wine. Most of the Cremant I’ve had lately is pretty focused on the creamy texture of the wine, which I enjoy, but this one boasted notes of tart green apple and mild grapefruit rind, adding a tart little bite to the creaminess that layered in with prominent notes of brie.

In the end, this wine was less about wine and more about olives, or more specifically, olive branches. Not necessarily my brand of bubbly, but undeniably enjoyable, and perfect for the moment. 89 points on my scale, and recommended.


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