Chateau Margui Rose’ 2015 – 94 Pts.


A friend texted last night while I was meeting with an editor. Something about having a great rose’ he wanted to share. I replied that as long as he didn’t mind the NBA Finals being on in the background, I was down. Ultimately, however, this wine hijacked the evening by being even more interesting than basketball.

Beautiful. That’s really the only word I have for the 2015 Chateau Margui rose’. As someone who came into the fold of wine drinking via the portal of cheap white Zinfandel, my skepticism of rose’ was once profound. Wines like this change that. Beautiful pale pink coloration and significant body with a round, delightful mouthfeel, the nose and palate experience a gorgeous duo of cantaloupe and heavy cream. Refreshing doesn’t do it justice. This is a terrific wine, paired with great people, good conversation, and the drubbing of the Cleveland Cavaliers by the Wine Country Warriors in game one of the Finals playing muted in the background.

One of the best rose’ wines I’ve ever had, full stop. A solid QPR. Highly recommended.


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