Soaring Wings Syrah 2013 – 90 Pts.


It’s easy to take for granted that which is close at hand; my friends who live in Washington D.C. rarely take time for a leisurely stroll on the National Mall, while my friends in California are often too busy with daily life for a weekend in wine country. For my part, I do my best to remember that my love of wine can be well supported by the wineries that are near my home, Soaring Wings in Springfield, Nebraska, being one such example.

Jim, the proprietor and winemaker at Soaring Wings, is a commercial airline pilot in addition to being a vintner, and themes most of his wine labels around winged creatures, hence the parrot featured on his Syrah.  What I think is coolest about this wine is that it is legitimate vinifera, or European grapes, being grown right here in the unpredictable and often unstable climes of southeast Nebraska. Jim takes special care of these vines, and the result is, so far as I am aware, the only homegrown vinifera being currently made into wine and bottled in the entire state.

The Soaring Wings 2013 Syrah is bold and spicy, coming on a bit hot, with medium body and a subtle dryness all the way through the finish. We once blind tasted the 2012 vintage again Syrah from all around the world, and Jim’s came in second place of six amongst some truly stiff competition. Though I haven’t tasted them side by side, I’d be willing to say that the 2013 is in the same league, and I look forward to trying the newer vintages. 90 points on my scale, and recommended.


To read more about the blind tasting that featured Soaring Wing’s Nebraska Syrah, visit this link:


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