Volker Eisele Family Estate Review

There was a time in history, no doubt, when the valley carved by the Napa River was truly an image of Eden, pure and unspoiled, a place genuinely and fully worthy of being likened to the garden of Biblical lore. Today, though still an undeniably special and, to many, enticing place, one cannot help but notice that steel, diesel-fueled Caterpillars outnumber the insects significantly on the drive up Highway 29, and the inquisitive will soon discover that the once family-driven enterprise of commercial viticulture that made the valley famous has in many instances transitioned to a corporate enterprise. Names like Mondavi and Beringer still exist, but their storied family wineries are no longer their own, having been taken over by massive conglomerates… [read more]*

*Full reviews are located at http://www.americanwineryguide.com and will open in a new browser window.

6 responses to “Volker Eisele Family Estate Review

  1. We indeed have followed you back! We liked your book recommendation today — we have a book rec on our page right now as well, in the banner. Enjoy the wine blogging and keep in touch!
    Sonja and Mark


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