Three Brothers Vineyard Review

Three Brothers 2014 0003Edited

We had a sinking feeling as we pulled into the parking lot of 3 Brothers Vineyard and Winery. There were no other cars in the parking lot, and the sign in the small window next to the door read “Closed”. We had driven an hour from North Platte to the rural town of Farnam, Nebraska, and were over three hours from our home in Omaha. Not being able to visit the 3 Brothers tasting room would have been a disappointment to say the least. We hopped out of the car and approached the front door of the tasting room to read the notice that was taped on the inside of the window. It listed some contact phone numbers, so, ever hopeful, we started dialing. After calling the second number listed, someone answered. Gary Wach, the owner and winemaker at 3 Brothers answered. He was out on the tractor, he said, but graciously offered to come open the tasting room for us if we would hang on a couple of minutes. Good ol’ Midwestern hospitality at it’s finest! Soon we heard the roar of the tractor as Gary pulled up and then hopped down to greet us… [read more]*

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