Well, Hello!

Last year when Mark and I were on our way back from our honeymoon in Napa and Sonoma, Mark had the idea for a wine blog.  He wanted to review wineries and wines, provide pricing information, and even threw the idea our there of making an app to help people find wineries.  Mark is a big idea guy and sometimes those ideas run rampant!  I’ll admit, the idea was quite a bit overwhelming and it died soon after our return to Omaha mainly due to my lack of enthusiasm.

This year, on our one year anniversary, we returned to Napa and Sonoma.  I started thinking of the blog again and began thinking of all the things we could post about.   I learned a lot more about wine this year and although I’m no expert, I feel much more informed.  So, here I am in blog land.  I hope that Mark and I can share ideas here, things we have learned, iPhone apps we find helpful, fun stories and experiences, and whatever else we might think of… of course that involves wine.

So here we go.  We’re dusting off the WordPress site we created a year ago and charging forward.   Some posts will be from me (Sonja) and some will be from Mark.  Maybe we’ll even write some together!  You can also follow us on twitter at @itheewine for our day to day wine happenings.


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