“#DanQuail” Review: Exitus Red Wine


Sonja has been carrying the load at home this season, which has enabled me to coach. Last night, I skipped the team pasta feed to have some time with my family, and came home to… pasta.  Sonja had made a lasagna, her first, using the crock pot. It was wonderful and I overate. I also paired it with a wine that came recently, the 2016 Exitus red blend.


Most of you know I could care less about wine labels, but I’ll confess that I was pretty taken with the packaging of this wine. Aged in bourbon barrels, the wine comes in a clear glass bottle standard to bourbon, think Eagle Rare, and has a label designed to suggest whiskey as well. The blend of Zinfandel, Petit Verdot, Cab Sauv, Petite Sirah, and Merlot weighs in at 15.9% alcohol, and you can taste it on the wine. Nevertheless, this bold and juicy wine has a subtle smoothness to it that is easy to appreciate. The Zinfandel notes are evident, though I don’t know the percentages of the blend, and I thought I was noticing the terroir of Lodi on the wine, though I don’t know the source of the grapes either. They definitely appear to have been grown in warm climes. The 2016 Exitus paired very well with the hearty umami of Sonja’s Lasagna, and Zooey managed not to rub any in her hair, so afterwards we took a walk.


It was a great evening, and I especially enjoyed a little extra time at home with my family. Once we put the kids to bed, Sonja and I cleaned up the kitchen a bit and then went downstairs to watch the reboot of Murphy Brown. We both had watched it as children. I remember that it came on Monday nights, and that I was sometimes allowed to stay up after it to watch Northern Exposure, which became a favorite. While the adult, politically-driven humor of Murphy Brown probably went over my head as a child, I enjoyed it a great deal last night. I recommend the show if you’re into that sort of thing, and I’m sure that my parents were watching it, wherever they are right now.

I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful weekend ahead, full of relaxation and time with loved ones.

Cheers to nights in with the family,


2 responses to ““#DanQuail” Review: Exitus Red Wine

  1. Not to sound morbid, but “wherever they are right now” makes it sound like your parents died. Just FYI, as I know they are kickin it in Val Town.


    • To be honest, Matt, when I wrote that I thought dad was still on a road trip. They rarely tell me where they’re traveling. That said, they’re still alive and, as it turns out after our call today, indeed in Valentine. Cheers!


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