“Everything interwoven.” Alpha Omega II Sauvignon Blanc 2015


Each morning, after posting on the blog and working for about an hour, I drive to the gym to workout. From the gym, I drive up 32nd Street, through the neighborhood, past the park on California, winding around for ten minutes until I get to my school. Just past Dodge, on 32nd Street, I pass an early 2000’s vintage Volkswagen Beetle with a red paint job that was clearly in a fire. I often wonder to myself if it runs.

Last night was graduation. I work the door. It’s a bummer not to be home with my family, but the elation I feel at seeing my students all dressed up, in gowns, about to graduate from high school is amazing. I give a lot of hugs and handshakes. The pride I feel is immeasurable, comparable perhaps only to that of my kids — now no longer kids at all. And this year, for the first time since coming to my new school, I got to see students that I had as freshmen now walking across the stage as seniors. Those handshakes were probably the best.

When Sonja and I met, we realized that for two years we had attended the same university, but didn’t know one another. In fact, we had the same major. How many lectures were we in together? How many times did we pass one another in the halls? Did we ever see one another on campus? Did we smile? I think about it all the time.

I met Jean Hoefliger when a web page I used to write for, Vivino, asked me to do a piece on him. You can read it here if you’d like: https://itheewine.com/2016/09/07/behind-the-wine-jean-hoefliger-and-the-debate/ I immediately liked Jean, and over time we have become friends. He’s a terrific person with a heart as enormous as his personality and more talent than any two people should have. I’m looking forward to dinner with him next month, as I know Sonja is as well.

Last night, driving home from graduation after so many hugs, tears, handshakes, and promises to keep in touch, I saw that burnt VW Bug on the other side of town. I got home to Sonja, possibly a former classmate but undeniably my wife, and we stepped out onto the patio. I went to the fridge to grab a bottle of wine, and pulled out one made by our friend, Jean. We sat on the patio, enjoying the summer air and watching darkness set in while we spoke about the world.


The 2015 II Sauvignon Blanc from Alpha Omega is a pretty exciting take on the varietal. Pale straw color somehow seems to have a hint of electricity in it, and a restrained nose laced in minerals and floral notes does little to suggest the varietal to me. On the palate, hints of butterscotch pop out, in addition to faint traces of vanilla, white rose petals, and stone fruits — peach and pear, possibly others. The finish is clean, almost abrupt. In all, the wine is an elegant experience, and a beautiful and refreshing take on the region and varietal.

As the night air warmed it, the wine became even more expressive and alive, while the same air did the opposite to my love and I. We barely lasted through a second glass before retiring to bed. I fell asleep quickly, thinking about the world and the myriad ways in which those we love and share it with — and those we don’t even know, are all woven together in a beautiful tapestry that we are all too close to to be able to fully see. Perhaps one day, from a distance, we may look upon that tapestry and truly appreciate its intricacies. Until then, I’ll just keep enjoying those moments when I can catch a glimpse.

Cheers to the tapestry of life,


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