“You don’t smell with your mouth.” Silver Trident Symphony No. 9 Sauvignon Blanc 2017


The National Weather Service interrupted NPR News to threaten baseball-sized hail, driving me from my plans to grill outside to an indoor, stove-top approach to my culinary pursuits last night. Back from a meeting and with my head swimming, I attempted and succeeded to cook chicken in a pan. Meanwhile, Titus was in rare form, angry about seemingly everything in his discontented, angst-ridden two-year-old form. At one point, he actually screamed “I don’t WANNA be fussy,” which inspired laughter from me, my uncontrollable response to his irony only exacerbating the situation.


Zooey watched her brother with interest, as usual. Finally, as I stirred vegetables, I sought to calm him by asking if he’d like to smell my wine. He loves to smell my wine. “Yes,” he said, almost urgently. I flicked my wrist, swirling the wine up against the side of the bowl to release the aromas, and handed it to him. He grabbed it an, for the first time, placed his lips upon the glass, looking up at me with an impish smile. “You don’t smell with your mouth,” I informed him. At least he was smiling.


The Silver Trident Symphony No. 9 Sauvignon Blanc 2017 is one of my favorite Napa Sauv Blancs from a very long list Beautiful pale gold in color with a blast of an aromatic bouquet, I get gorgeous tropical fruits — mango, papaya, passion fruit, along with mild citrus, all in elegant proportion and nicely balanced. The wine is dry, light, and refreshing, and paired brilliantly with the chicken I somehow managed to cook on the stove top.

It didn’t take long for Titus to get upset again. He seemed to want to scream, so I made it a game and we began to scream “I LOVE YOU!” at one another. When he finally got some food in his stomach, he calmed down considerably. Sonja asked if he was just hangry. “Yes, just hangry,” he responded. God I love my kids.

Cheers to children, even in their obstinate formative years,


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