Pellet Estate Review

pellet-estate-7_correspondent_mainLately my wife, Sonja, has been pestering me about getting rid of my old Jeep Wrangler. It isn’t practical, she says, for a family man, what with the two doors, the convertible top, and the height, still I can’t bring myself to part with it. Sure, it’s a bit cold in the winter and a bit hot in the summer. No, it doesn’t get very good mileage with the top down and, yes, it’s slow to start up once in a while. And, of course, the suspension is, well, I’m not entirely sure it has suspension. But I love that ’91 Wrangler, now 25 years old, and by rite a true classic. There’s something about the old leather-and-grease smell, the worn, wooden steering wheel, the rigid contours – it evokes memories from my childhood as well as more recent recollections. What we love about classics isn’t necessarily their practicality but that they’ve stood the test of time and remain with us to remind us what the world used to be like… [read more]*

*Full reviews are located at and will open in a new browser window.


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