Far Niente Winery Review

FarNiente0019EditedThe “noble experiment” that was Prohibition, the result of the 18th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, lasted from 1919 to 1933 and did irreparable damage on multiple fronts. To the economy as well as to the personal welfare of many early vintners and distillers, Prohibition shut down all but a couple of select wineries that managed to find a loophole in the law by producing communion wines for sacramental purposes. And to the American wine drinker, who rather than go without wine began producing his own wines in his bathtub using whatever grapes he could scrounge up and pounds upon pounds of sugar, the 18th Amendment destroyed his palate, as over the course of fourteen years he became accustomed to his own swill until he could no longer tell the difference… [read more]*

*Full reviews are located at http://www.americanwineryguide.com and will open in a new browser window.


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