Turley Napa Valley Estate Zinfandel 2014 – 91 Pts.


The Turley flight had been scheduled at Corkscrew for a good month now, and I had marked my calendar the moment I had seen it. “Turley (tuhr-lee) noun: Makers of outstanding Zinfandel in California.”  I wasn’t going to miss a chance to try their new releases.  I love that I can walk into my favorite places and what I want simply appears in front of me without my even having to ask for it. Of course I want the flight; it is Wednesday, after all.

The 2014 Turley Napa Valley Estate Zinfandel is in some ways a special wine. At a time when many winemakers produce Zinfandel that is as hot as possible, and as spicy as they can make it, Turley takes a more refined approach. The nose boasts wafting patterns of lavender and leather, leading into more lavender on the palate, along with lighter fruits, and maybe even subtle hints of bubble gum. The flavor profile was beautiful, and the wine itself not nearly as imposing as I might have expected from a Napa Valley Zinfandel. Short on the finish, the wine isn’t terribly well-structured, but it is terribly delightful.

A refreshing take on Napa Valley Zinfandel for the modern age, $46/bottle may hurt the QPR a little, but it still gets 91 points on my scale, and comes recommended.




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