VinNEBRASKA 2020… 2021


Well, to those of you who are regulars around here, I did it! I finally got Sonja to be in a video blog! Two of them actually, though admittedly I ambushed her the first time and she volunteered only for the second. Good enough, I think! I mean, if you had to choose one of us to look at, my guess is you’d choose her, right? I know I would!

This morning, I’d normally be getting up to help move countless cases of wine and be sure we are all set up in the ballroom for the grand tasting of VinNEBRASKA. For anyone who isn’t familiar with the event, Nebraska’s biggest and best wine event by far, check out for more detail.  This was to be our thirtieth year, but of course, like everything else, it was cancelled due to the pandemic. So last night, instead of a seven course meal, each one paired with three amazing wines, we stayed in and Sonja made a wonderful (slightly less extravagant) meal, and we paired it with wine from one of the wineries that was going to be at Vin again this year, Clos du Val.


We had a lovely meal, and while we ate we honed Titus’s newfound appreciation for the band Weezer by listening to some classics. (Sonja tried to sneak a bite of my food while I was taking this picture.) We enjoyed ourselves, and while not being at Vin was a loss, we didn’t stew on it. There’s always next year.  After dinner I decanted our second bottle of Clos du Val and the kids brushed their teeth. Then I read the final chapter of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban to Titus before turning off his light and joining Sonja on the couch in the living room.


Bottle two was an older vintage of Merlot that I picked up in an auction. The bouquet was packed with menthol and eucalyptus right off the bat, and the relatively low ABV wine (13.5%) had mellowed substantially in more than two decades, the fruit fading, earthy notes playing a more prominent role. We sat on the couch and sipped it and talked about Vin some more… and made you this video:

As I said in the video, Vin is scheduled to take place next year at the Hilton down in the Old Market for both events, and many of the wineries who were committed to coming this year have already told us they’ll come next year instead. Those wineries help us raise more than a quarter of a million dollars for charity each year, and I’d like to give them a huge shout out right now. I’ll list them below, and I hope that as you’re making your online wine purchases in the coming weeks, you’ll consider supporting them as they have supported our important charity. Wineries that were scheduled to be at VinNEBRASKA in 2020 include:

–  Smith-Madrone (who have come every year for thirty years)

– Rombauer

– DeLille

– Fourth Estate

– Fullerton

– Switchback Ridge

– Calafia

– Clos du Val

– Ambassador

– Del Rio

– Monticello

– Quady

– Gratus

– Willamette Valley Vineyards

– Seghesio

– Keenan

So please save the date for April 16-17, 2021. If you do, you’ll get to spend my fortieth birthday with me on Friday night, which should prove enjoyable and full of wine and merriment. There will be a few changes to the program next year, mostly the venue, but we expect it to be a wonderful two-night event and we hope you’ll come. Tickets will go on sale sometime in the fall. I’ll keep you posted.

I suspect that VinNEBRASKA is just one more example of things being cancelled during these trying times, one more example of a disappointment that is necessary for the greater good of our nation and our species as we strive to quell the Covid 19 pandemic. Like you, I look forward to a return to normalcy. Until then, I am getting to spend more time with my family, and planning for the future. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. I’ll try to coax Sonja into being in the next video blog as well!






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