“Blood Pressure Medication,” Review: Silver Trident Benevolent Dictator Pinot Noir

“Once your blood pressure goes back down we can talk about this,” one of my assistant coaches said, half-joking, at the conclusion of my rant. Yesterday was about the most stressful day I’ve had in a long time, playing home to the convergence of several deadlines and a host of unexpected surprised. When I got to practice, I vented to my assistant coaches about what was going on as it related to our sport, and hers was a fair response. I went for a run with the team and it helped me to forget some of the issues for about a half an hour.


When I got home, Sonja and I went and picked up the kids, and while she cooked a salmon salad, I pulled a cork, and together we chatted with one another and entertained our children. I want Pinot both for the pairing with my mood as well as for the pairing with dinner, and this one was terrific.

A few weeks ago, I had a red wine from Burgundy that, despite Grand Cru status, I found to be unimpressive, almost unenjoyable. It was over the top with the flavors of age, and was so unmistakably old world that I could scarcely stand it. Perhaps in much the same way some people react to the gaminess of pheasant or quail, it was too much like itself, I suppose. Silver Trident’s “Benevolent Dictator” Russian River Valley Pinot Noir is just the opposite. The 2015 vintage is young and vibrant, and New World all the way. Bright red fruits, especially cherry, are graced by the unmistakable presence of oak. The wine is clean and silky from start to finish. Titus got blueberries on the nose when prompted, and I liked that more than “wine” in response to my usual question. Zooey was covered in ricotta cheese and too much of a mess to get my wine glass anywhere near her.


The rest of the evening was spent with my children, my wife, and a glass of excellent wine. It was the perfect blood pressure medication, and I’m now ready to face another day.

Cheers to the things that get us through stressful days!


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