“A quick thought about wine pairing”


I read Green Eggs & Ham to my son as often as I read anything, and yet when it comes to wine pairing I remain pretty rigid. I know we should try new things, but especially when the food is a little outside my comfort zone, I’m not one to further the issue with a wine I’m even less sure about. I do enjoy trying new things, but I’m also one to hedge my bets if I’m being completely honest.

The menu of every raw bar in Boston seem to have a litany of cheap proseccos on it to pair with your oysters. Last night, I just couldn’t take the idea of yet another cheap prosecco, the weak bubbles gone before I’m halfway through the glass, the overly tart body doing little for the oysters. So I ventured out slightly, and I ordered the only rose’ on the menu. Dry, light, and from Provence, I was extremely pleased with what the delicate flavors did in the presence of raw and slimy crustaceans paired with horseradish and lemon juice.

When it comes to trying new wines, I’m an adventurer on the level of Lewis and Clark. When it comes to pairings, not so much. Hopefully, last night’s experience will encourage me to continue to branch out. I’ve often wondered what a buttery chardonnay would do in the company of a greasy cheeseburger. Have a suggestion for an adventuresome pairing? I’d love to hear it.

Cheers to trying new things, and to the start of August, which got here far too quickly,


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