“Desperately Wanting.” Locations F6 Rose’

Those of you of my generation may remember Better than Ezra, the band who penned the lyrics “desperately wanting,” but for the rest of us, the notion of desperation is, regardless, none too foreign. Tonight, I decided that instead of cooking dinner, I’d lay out the charcuterie tray to end all charcuterie trays, with pounds of meat, a block of smoked cheese as long as my arm, and more fresh fruit, peppers, and hummus than any toddler and his parents could ever eat. And why? Well, because the end is near, of course.

The end of the world? Ask President Trump and Kim Jong Un about that. I just mean the end of summer, or even of reasonably hospitable outdoor weather. I wanted to pretend like this high 60’s temp was a norm, and not a fleeting memory. I wanted to not long for fires and not hear the howl of wind against the ancient panes of my ancient home. So I made a summertime dinner, and I paired it with beautiful summertime wine.


The F6 Rose’ is, like all Locations wines, a killer wine at a killer price point. 100% Grenache, fermented in stainless steel, it’s 14.5% alcohol, with an undeniable nose of strawberry fields, a palate with a slightly creamy texture and gorgeous notes of strawberry, raspberry, cranberry, and vanilla, all leading to a clean finish. This is excellent wine; it’s gorgeous, well-priced, and paired brilliantly with my desperation as I clung kicking and screaming to the remnant of fairer seasons. Goodbye, summer. Hello darkness, my old friend.




2 responses to ““Desperately Wanting.” Locations F6 Rose’

  1. This spread reminded me of “Lord Grand” and his usual postings from Valais. Loved it! And what a cutie in the highchair!! As good as the locations are i find them a bit too juicy BUT Rosé can’t be juicy by nature, so I’m sure this was exceptional!! I look forward to trying this and the next summer! Cheers Mark!



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