“Daydream.” Review: Reverie Barbera 2013

Reverie means “daydream” in French. I know this because last summer, a very good friend of mine and I visited their Diamond Mountain winery. It’s a beautiful place, and aptly named. The stands of redwoods, manicured gardens, and hilly, grape-entrenched serenity are enough to get anyone to start dreaming.

Recently, that same friend went through a breakup. A tough one. I won’t go into the details, because sorting out who my friends are isn’t all that difficult. That said, I feel for him, but as a married man, of course, my empathy often rings hollow. Things worked out for me. How easy it is to forget. So tonight I didn’t try to tell him I know what breakups feel like. I didn’t try to comfort him with cliches. I just shared my wine with him.

Given we’d visited this winery together, it seemed appropriate that we should share this wine. I pulled the cork and gave it a quick decant. We talked for quite some time, of love and life and work and dreams, the day variety and otherwise, and of course we also spoke about wine. The former subjects remain personal. The latter I can share.

The 2013 Reverie Barbera is indeed a daydream of a wine. An Old World nose of herbs, forest floor, legumes, cedar, announce a decidedly fruit-forward, New World body, with brilliant notes of red and purple fruits in all varieties, baking spice, candied qualities, black pepper, and earthy mint. A brilliant wine, we shared the bottle, and chatted the night away. Somewhere along the line we forgot to talk about sad things.

I’ll wake up tomorrow and wonder how my friend is doing. It will be some time before I find out, and in the interim I will surely daydream. Eventually, of course, my daydreaming will conclude, and I shall be left with reality, the blacks and white of what does and does not occur, versus the lengthy considerations of what may and may not occur that I undergo so often, the shades of gray in which my the antechamber of my mind is decorated. For sure, however, what did occur tonight, was a blessing. Time with a friend spent wandering through stands of redwoods, sharing excellent wine and thinking back on fond memories is more than I deserve on a random Thursday night. Pinch me. Pinch us all.

Cheers, and happy Friday!


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