“Pairs well with fish nuggets?!” Review: Bouchard Aîné & Fils Mâcon-Villages 2014


Yesterday was stressful. I had a last-minute meeting called at 8 in the morning that cut into the time I really needed to get things done, and spent the rest of the day feeling like I was behind. I got home after work and left my son with my wife to go to my home office and continue plugging away. When she called me for dinner, I still had so much left to get done. I came downstairs to “help yourself” and attempted to remove a salmon filet covered in lemon and dill from the pan on the stovetop only to have it fall apart in the process.

Spontaneous salmon combustion by itself wouldn’t typically be enough to put me over the edge, but last night it almost did. I dropped the fork on the countertop and threw my hands into the air, as if to say “I give up, let me starve,” (but let me do it in my office). But instead of saying anything, I somehow managed to take a deep breath, glanced over at my son who was studying me closely, and return to dishing the damaged fish onto my plate, eventually succeeding in making a little pile of “fish nuggets” where my salmon filet was supposed to be. I think that knowing I had wine to pair it with helped.

The 2014 Bouchard Aîné & Fils Mâcon-Villages is a beautiful French Chardonnay, with a gorgeous straw color complimented by a subtle nose. On the body, layers of light citrus, lemon rind, green apple, mild to moderate saline qualities, minerals, and a desirable cleanness. In the $17 range, it’s a terrific French Chardonnay, and one I highly recommend. And hey, if it pairs well with fish nuggets, then what can’t you pair it with?



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