Tedeschi Family Winery Review


Down a little dirt road in the small, up-valley town of Calistoga in the Napa Valley, there sits yet another vineyard, tiny by the standards of the area as a lone acre planted with Cabernet, along with a few modest structures and a scattering of stunted trees. In some ways, it’s quite like many of the other small establishments seemingly untouched by time in this agricultural area known best for precious grapes and the wine that can be made from them. On this particular property, the lonely acre is planted to the coveted Cabernet Sauvignon, and a handful of peacocks strut, sounding off in their unique way and weaving timidly in and out around the tires of a small tractor. This is the place where Emil Tedeschi was born and raised, before the Napa Valley morphed into the multi-billion dollar industrial hub that it is today, and one imagines that this particular location perhaps hasn’t changed that much throughout the decades. Though Emil went on to found a winery in Hawai’i, his legacy remains in Calistoga, where his son Mario still makes wine while his son Emilio greets visitors and manages the business side of things… [read more]*

*Full reviews are located at http://www.americanwineryguide.com and will open in a new browser window.

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