Oliver Creekbend Vineyard III 2015 – 94 Pts.


It was many months ago now that our neighbors across the street, Baron and Travis, first introduced us to Oliver wines from Indiana. Baron, a Hoosier himself by way of doing his Ph.D. at the University of Indiana, was well-acquainted with Indiana wines, and one night when they came over, he brought a bottle. Yesterday, with Baron out of town at a conference, Travis dropped by in the evening to visit Sonja and I, and I was excited to share with him a bottle of Oliver Wines.

The 2015 Creekbend Vineyard III from Oliver is a blend of 41.7% Vidal Blanc, 16.2% Chardonnel, and 42.1% Vignoles, all grapes that grow well in the often extreme climate of the American Midwest. Pale lemon in color with a medium to medium-minus body, the Creekbend Vineyard III has a tame floral nose that hints at lemon. Dry with high levels of acidity, it boasts flavors of citrus, pear, and honeysuckle, with beautiful mineral notes and a tiny touch of mild spices toward the finish. I’d suggest pairing it as you would a nice Chablis.

We tasted it in addition to a French Vignoles and a Sonoma County Sauvignon Blanc last night, all in roughly the same $20 price range, and the III was decidedly my favorite. A fully-dry, skillfully crafted white blend from the Midwest isn’t exactly a ubiquitous offering; this is a special wine in my opinion, and one I’m excited to tell more people about. 94 points on my scale, and highly recommended. (Sample.)

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