Our Casa, Su Casa

As we’ve stated in the past, we do not dwell in an excess of money. We’re happy, borderline content even, and we’re rich with great families, work that we enjoy, and love for one another. Those things aside, however, we’re fiscally conservative (or try to be), operate on a rigid monthly budget, and always love to save a buck or two wherever possible. With that in mind, we recently opened our own Air BnB at our home in Omaha, putting our guest room to work against our mortgage, and tomorrow night we are excited to receive our first guest.

One of our objectives in opening an Air BnB was to make our home a place that others would be as comfortable as we are – the kind of place that we ourselves would like to stay. We uncluttered out guest room and tidied things up, and we took care to make everything clean in the common spaces as well. We cleaned the bathroom several times, and made available our Keurig, as well as our super-cool two-sided waffle maker, a prized wedding gift, you know, the ones you see at only the swankiest of Holiday Inn Expresses. But there was one more thing we knew we needed to offer if this was truly going to have our stamp on it. I’m sure you can imagine what that is.


Part of the allure of an Air BnB is that they’re affordable, and usually much more so than a hotel. With that in mind, we couldn’t offer our favorite Napa Cabs and Sonoma Chards to our guests, or we’d find ourselves losing money on the endeavor. However, there are lots of wines available that are affordable as well as tasty, and most people are not wont to complain about free wine. So tonight, Mark picked up a mixed case at Trader Joe’s, hoping to provide a selection that will be enjoyable for our guests at the end of their day, but that we can offer joyfully, without cringing at the cost. So, this month, available at our Air BnB, you may enjoy:

Penfolds Winemaker’s Selection Shiraz Cabernet 2011. People enjoy this wine for its notes of fruit and smoothness, and at $3.99/bottle, it’s hard to go wrong with a Cabernet blend from such a reputable vintner.


Next up, it’s Gaetano D’Aquino Pinot Grigio 2013. This Italian import is one of Sonja’s favorites, so much so that Mark gave her a bottle for Christmas their first year. With citrus notes and fair minerality, it’s another four-dollar steal from Joe’s.


Our second red is also our second Italian import. Previously featured in Mark’s post “The Five Day Bachelor,” Montepulciano D’Abruzzo 2012 from Villa Cerrina is a lovely red wine with medium tannins and hints of oak and cherry, easy to enjoy in our big chair by the fire. Never mind that we spent an extra dollar on this $4.99 beauty. You’re worth it!


Last but not least is the infamous Charles Shaw’s White Zinfandel. While White Zin isn’t either of our first choice, we respect that sometimes, you just feel like sweet wine, and we’re not about to judge the palates of our guests, (especially if they favor the $2.99 wine.) Enjoy!


In the future, of course, we will have other wines to offer to our guests, and we will probably take the time to fill you in. In the meantime, we hope that if you’re ever in Omaha and in need of a place to stay, you’ll consider staying with us. Be sure to arrive in time for happy hour! (Just kidding. Happy hour starts whenever you get here!)


To check out our listing on AirBnB, go to: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/2790075

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